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Thea Queen

Thea Queen


Biological Information
Status Alive
General Information
Occupation Owner of Verdant
Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Star City (formerly; resigned)
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Team Arrow (in secret)
Student (graduated)
Intern at CNRI (formerly)
Family Malcolm Merlyn (father; estranged)
Moira Queen (mother)
Robert Queen (step-father) †
Oliver Queen (maternal half-brother)
Tommy Merlyn (paternal half-brother) †
Saracon (paternal half-brother)
Walter Steele (ex-step-father)
Rebecca Merlyn (step-mother; deceased)
William (nephew)
Jasper King (grandfather)
Nyssa al Ghul (sister-in-law)
Alter ego Speedy
Actor Willa Holland

Thea Dearden Queen (born January 21, 1995), is the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and the late Moira Queen, the step-daughter of the late Robert Queen (though treated unquestionably as his daughter throughout his life), the ex-step-daughter of Walter Steele, the maternal younger half-sister of Oliver Queen, the paternal younger half-sister of the late Tommy Merlyn, the aunt of Oliver's child, and the sister-in-law of Nyssa al Ghul. Thea is also the ex-girlfriend of Roy Harper. After learning how to fight from Malcolm, Thea became a vigilante and member of Team Arrow using her half-brother's nickname for her, Speedy, as her code-name.