Skyler Earp

Skyler Earp

Fire Wolf

Biological Information
Status Alive
General Information
Occupation Bartender/Waitress
College Student
Vigilante (in secret)
Family James Earp (father)
Jasmine Earp (mother, deceased)
Jackson Earp (brother, unknown)
Michael Earp (brother)
Marcus Earp (brother)
Alter ego Fire Wolf
Actor Rachel Hurd-Wood

Skyler Wyatt Earp (born March 9, 1992) is the only daughter of Marine Colonel James Earp and his wife. She's currently working as a bartender in her father's bar as she goes to college for Veterinary Science. Like her father she was born with the ability to manipulate fire and to communicate with animals. She takes on the alter ego of Fire Wolf because of her ability over fire, love of wolves, and the fact that it was her father's callsign from his time in the service.


Skyler has an athletic build, from years of training with her father, she's tall standing at 5'7". She has light freckles over her face with bright blue eyes and red hair. She takes on a tomboy appearance wearing jeans/shorts, sneakers, and t-shirts. Her hair is normally cut short, but she's been letting it grow out in recent years.

As Fire Wolf, she takes on more of a 'military' appearance with a plain black long-sleeved, dark red pants, knee high combat boots, and cuffed red gloves.


Skyler is very kind, outgoing and hotheaded,often joking around with friends and family. But, when you first meet Skyler, she is somewhat cold and quiet, though this only last for a short time unless you get on her bad side and then fire happens. She is hard headed and very stubborn which often leads to her getting into fights and arguments with others. A trait that also comes in handy at her dad's bar with unruly patrons.

From growing up military, Skyler has a strong sense of honor and integrity, and when she first became a hero decided early on, no matter how bad the person was, not to kill. She has a strong love for older means of weaponry, namely a bow, that she got from her father's oldest friend and teammate.

Through and through Skyler is a strong young women, always looking to help out in one way or another. Although she carries some baggage from the death of her mother and the disappearance of her eldest brother, she doesn't let those things get to her just to remain strong for her dad. While her two other brothers remain the jokers.


Early Life

The youngest of four siblings, Skyler often going by her middle name of Wyatt, is the only girl in her family. She grew up traveling around before her father retired and the family settled down in a town 80 miles south of Starling City. There, her father opened a bar where he brothers worked at and her too once she was older. But, sadly before her dad had retired when Skyler was 10, her mom had been killed in an accident while on base. Her eldest brother, Jackson, had disappeared, being the closest with their mother, and none of them knew whether he was alive or not even after an extensive search took place. This left the colonel to take care of a 10-year-old girl and two 16-year-old boys.

Once the move was settled, the four tried to lead a normal life. But with powers comes the need to hide them, the family was born with a variety of elemental themed abilities. Skyler's were a bit unstable since she was so young at the time and was such a hothead.

When they move to the new town Skyler begins to have strange dreams, involving a wolf. Confiding in her father about this, she finds out that the wolf, is actually the families generations long guardian that started long before the white man came too early America.



  • Skyler has made cameo appearances in Season 3.

The Flash

  • Skyler may make appearances in future episodes.