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Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer

The Atom

Biological Information
Status Alive
Deceased (Doomworld)
General Information
Occupation Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Legends
Member of Team Arrow (in secret; formerly)
Knight of Camelot (507)
Sheriff (1871; formerly)
Professor (1958-1960; formerly)
Businessman (formerly)
CEO of Palmer Technologies (formerly)
Heart surgeon (abberation timeline)
Janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs (Doomworld; formerly)
Family Sydney Palmer (brother)
Anna Loring (fiancée) †
Kendra Saunders (ex-fiancée)
Brice (future great-great-great-great grandneice)
Alter ego The Atom
Colonel Cold (briefly)
Actor Brandon Routh

Dr. Raymond "Ray" Palmer (born 1981) is a businessman and the former CEO of Palmer Technologies, previously known as Queen Consolidated. He is the brother of Sydney Palmer, who in at least one version of the future is considered to be the father of the robotics industry. Ray was engaged to the late Anna Loring, and later dated Felicity Smoak, a clandestine member of Team Arrow, although the relationship did not last. Having designed a powerful exosuit, he began acting as a vigilante in Starling City, calling himself The Atom. While testing out a new function of his exosuit, Ray accidentally caused an explosion which shrunk him to miniature sizes but he was believed dead. After months Ray managed to contact Felicity but was captured by Damien Darhk for his technology. However thanks to the efforts of Team Arrow Ray was rescued and continued to aid Team Arrow. In early 2016, Ray Palmer was recruited by time-traveler Rip Hunter on a mission to take down Vandal Savage. When Mick Rory gave him the Cold Gun, he nicknamed himself Colonel Cold, using both Leonard Snart's weaponry and Cold glasses.