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Quentin Lance
Quentin Lance
Biological Information
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
General Information
Occupation Deputy Mayor of Star City
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Team Arrow (in secret; part-time)
Police captain (formerly)
Member of H.I.V.E. (in secret; infiltrator; formerly)
Police detective (formerly)
Police sergeant (formerly)
Police officer (formerly)
Family Dinah Lance (ex-wife)
Laurel Lance (daughter) †
Sara Lance (daughter)
Actor Paul Blackthorne

Captain Quentin Larry Lance (born in 1963), is a police captain, formerly a sergeant, detective and officer, of the Starling City Police Department. He was partners with the late Lucas Hilton before being demoted, and was a good friend of the latter. He was reinstated as detective by Lieutenant Frank Pike when Slade Wilson, a former ASIS operative, launched an assault on Starling City with the intent of destroying everything Oliver Queen loved. Quentin is the ex-husband of Dinah Lance, and the father of Laurel Lance and Sara Lance. Whilst working with Team Arrow, he is frequently referred to as "Detective", due to his initial police rank, eventually sticking as a codename.

Quentin had originally sworn to take down the Hood by any means necessary, even using his daughter as bait once. After helping the Hood take down Malcolm Merlyn he began to see the law can only do so much but the Hood can go outside the law to compensate for the law's limits. He eventually began to work with him to catch criminals, even knocking out his fellow policemen that tried to attack the Hood, now known as the Arrow. He recently had a falling out with the Arrow, after having held a grudge for his not telling Quentin that Sara was dead. He has decided he's done with the Arrow and issued a city-wide manhunt for him. This also estranged his relationship with Laurel as she hid the secret from him as well. After Ra's al Ghul was defeated, Quentin finally reconciled with Laurel.