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Moira Queen
Moira Queen
Biological Information
Status Deceased
General Information
Occupation Businesswoman (formerly)
Philanthropist (formerly)
Mayoral candidate (formerly)
Acting CEO of Queen Consolidated (formerly)
Member of Tempest (formerly)
Family Robert Queen (husband) †
Oliver Queen (son)
Thea Queen (daughter)
Walter Steele (ex-husband)
Actor Susanna Thompson

Moira Dearden Queen (c. 1964 — April 2014) was the wife of the late Robert Queen, the mother of Oliver Queen and Thea Queen, the ex-wife of Walter Steele, a former friend of both Malcolm Merlyn and the late Frank Chen, as well as Malcolm's former lover, and an old friend of Jean Loring. After Walter was kidnapped by Malcolm, she became the new acting CEO of Queen Consolidated. In "Sacrifice", after Oliver convinces her to do the right thing, she holds a press conference and confesses her involvement in a conspiracy to destroy the Glades and everyone in it, against her free will, she testified that the mastermind of this conspiracy was Malcolm. After this, she is arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. In "State v. Queen", Moira was released from prison, by Malcolm's help, and it was revealed that Thea is the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn. She was running for mayor of Starling City but was murdered by Slade Wilson in front of Oliver and Thea in his own mission of vengeance against Oliver.