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Following the explosion of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator an unknown, but large, number of individuals had their lives transformed and many of them came from Earth Two. Many of those affected by the explosion and its further effects were given superhuman abilities or powers, being named meta-humans, being named meta-humans, nicknamed "metas". Not all individuals have superhuman abilities or powers by being exposed to the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, as many experienced a different type of mutation. Some, like Slade Wilson, had their DNA genetically modified by being injected by the Mirakuru serum, giving them superhuman physical attributes, senses and an accelerated healing factor. Eobard Thawne's biomolecular enhancer would have similar properties, additionally turning its users into monstrous creatures; as would the Stardust drug, modified to change beings on a molecular level.

Known Powers

Power Known users
Accelerated healing factor Kirk Heywood
Charlie Wilson
Malcolm Thawne (Earth Five)
Jack Quinn
John Fox (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Accelerated perception John Fox (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Acid secretion Mia Ramirez
Animal communication Skyler Earp
Body vibration Barry Allen (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Catropic teleportation
Cellular replication
Chronokinesis Barry Allen (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Cryokinesis Caitlin Snow (Earth 9)
Caitlin Snow (Earth 22)
Decomposing touch
Dimensional awareness Kirk Heywood
Tyler Masters
Energy absorption
Energy manipulation Kirk Heywood
Jack Quinn
Energy sharing
Explosive touch
Eye transformation
Flight Daniel Palmer
Force field generation Daniel Palmer
Jack Quinn
Gaseous transformation
Gravity manipulation
Hydrokinesis Cora Curry
Illusion Kendall Ryan
Interdimensional travel Kirk Heywood
Jack Quinn
Barry Allen (Earth-14)
Zoom (Earth-15)
Eddie Slick (Earth Twenty)
Kinetic energy absorption
Mental hallucination
Negation Joseph Murdock
Organic sand transformation Eddie Slick (Earth Twenty)
Organic steel transformation Nate Heywood (Earth Twenty)
Plasma projection
Possession Charlie Wilson
Power absorption Malcolm Thawne (Earth Five)
Pyrokinesis Malcolm Thawne (Earth Five)
Ronnie Raymond (Earth Five)
Martin Stein (Earth Five)
Jefferson Jackson (Earth Five)
Ronnie Raymond (Earth 9)
Martin Stein (Earth 9)
Caitlin Snow (Earth Twenty)
Martin Stein (Earth Twenty)
Ronnie Raymond (Earth Twenty)
Jefferson Jackson (Earth Twenty)
Jason Rusch (Earth Twenty)
Radiokinesis Diane Katherine Degeneret
Reflection manipulation
Shark physiology Shay Lamden (Earth Twenty)
Size alteration
Size enhancement
Sonic scream Dinah Drake (Earth Twenty)
Laurel Lance (Earth 22)
Laurel Lance (Earth 23)
Speed Force connection John Fox (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Speed mirage Eobard Thawne (Earth-14)
Superhuman agility
Superhuman durability Kirk Heywood
Daniel Palmer
Jack Quinn
John Fox (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Superhuman hearing
Superhuman momentum John Fox (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Superhuman speed Malcolm Thawne (Earth Five)
Superhuman stamina
Superhuman strength Kirk Heywood
Daniel Palmer
Jack Quinn
Tar generation
Telekinesis Jade Ferina
Daniel Palmer
Jack Quinn
Teleportation Jack Quinn
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Time travel Barry Allen (Earth-14)
Malcolm Thawne (Earth-15)
Transmutation Daniel Palmer
Jack Quinn
Vertigo inducement Rosa Dillon (Earth Twenty)
Vibrational blasts

Similar Powers from other sources

Following the assassination of Chay-Ara and Khufu by Hath-Set, meteors made out of alien technology known as Nth metal impacted the Earth and had a great effect on their bodies. They were granted powerful powers similar to meta-humans. However, this is not magic as these powers change the genes inside. Along with these three ancient Egyptians, there are more beings with similar powers throughout the Arrowverse. Here is a list of similar powers, though not magic nor meta-human powers.

Power Known users
Accelerated healing factor
Enhanced agility
Enhanced durability
Enhanced physical condition
Enhanced reflexes
Enhanced senses
Enhanced speed
Enhanced stamina
Enhanced strength
Life force draining
Precognition Wesley Dodds
Superhuman spectral range and intensity range
Temporal-micro manipulation

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