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Klarion Bleak
Biological Information
Species Spirit
Status Deceased
General Information
Occupation Occult Detective
Lord of Chaos
Affiliation Team Constantine (formerly)
Home universe Earth One (Rising Darkness)
Actor Dane Dehaan
Asa Butterfield (possessing Sam Constantine)
Levi Miller (possessing James Carter)

Klarion Bleak, also known as "Max Knight", is an occult detective who is secretly the Lord of Chaos and was working with Lucifer. He was a good friend of John Constantine, Mary Martin, Francis Chandler, Sam Constantine and Jim Corrigan. However, he was exposed as the Lord of Chaos by Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. He was killed by Sam, but his spirit survived and possessed him. He was eventually forced to leave Sam's body and found another body, James Carter.



Rising Darkness



Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Klarion is highly skilled with magic since he's used it his whole life.
  • Telekinesis: Klarion is able to move objects with his mind and can pin others against a wall.
  • Exorcism: Klarion can exorcise spirits that are demonic or ghostly in origin from their hosts by chanting incantations.
  • Oclumancy: Erased a man's memories of any trace himself, or mind-controlled someone to kill themselves.
  • Pyrokinesis: Klarion can create and manipulate fire.
  • Teleportation: Klarion can teleport himself short distances.
  • Interdimensional travel: Klarion can travel between Limbo Town, Castle Revolving, the world we know and beyond through his own power. He doesn't demonstrate the ability and naively throws himself through these dimensional barriers without realizing it.
  • Necromancy: Even without the Cruciform, Klarion is adept in summoning and controlling the dead.
  • Summoning: Klarion can summon various entities and even control them.
  • Possession: Whether or not this is an ability or a power, Klarion's eye glow and he can control anyone whom he focuses on.
  • Intangibility: Klarion has recently shown the ability to phase through walls.


  • Occult Knowledge: Klarion has vast knowledge of magic and mysticism. He is extremely skilled in the use of magic, and knows several advanced spells.


  • Cruciform: A small wand that allows control over dead flesh.