Kendall Ryan



Biological Information
Status Alive
General Information
Occupation High School Student
Vigilante (in secret)
Villain (in secret)
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Alter ego Fantasia

Kendall Clarke Ryan (born June 6, 1997) is a high school student who acts as a vigilante/villian in her spare time. When the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs hit her she was visiting a mental ward to volunteer, and she was protecting a paranoid schizophrenic from the blast when it hit. As a result, Kendall has the ability to create and manipulate hallucinations. She goes by the alias Fantasia.


Snap tht's good

Kendall is thin and athelitic, she has a small frame and thin features. Her eyes are blue when in normal form but when she induces hallucinations they turn an iridescent white, primarily having gleams of ice blue and pale pink. Her skin is always coated in a white iridescdent dust, and over time her hair grows paler and paler, eventually turning white with dark roots. However, when she induces and controls hallucinations, she can change herself to appear to others however she likes. 


Kendall is generally very spunky and sarcastic. She speaks like your classic rebellious teenager, every sentence soaked in cyncism, despite her generally upbeat attitude. She's often joking around and crossing personal boundries. She likes to make fun of people lightheartedly and just overall cause chaos. She thrives off of confusion and stress, but occasionally wises up and feels guilt afterwards. 

She hasn't decided whetther or not to be a hero or to give into her childish impulse and mess with people. There are a lot more short term rewards of being a villian and being someone who is very compulsive and doesn't think of the future, this motivates her to be a public nuisance. 

But Kendall has a senseitive and heroic side, she is very empatthetic when she chooses to be. She can relate and understand other people and is very in touch with herself and her identity. She spends some of her time volunteering to help those who she thinks are worthy; such as the ederly and mentally ill. This is probably due to her mother committing suicide due to her mental illness.


Early life

Kendall was born to what appeared to be an ideal family. She had a loving stay at home mother and a father who worked as a financial analyst for large corporations. Kendall grew up bright and charming. She was often adored by elderly people due to her charisma and dance skills. She went to public schools in Central City and spent her spare time doing dance classes, gynmastics, or drawing. She had a very wild imagination and a strong creative side that she unleashed through her extra curricular activities. However; she was a very mischeivious young girl and often got bored, leading her to get into trouble. She often pushed people's limits and pulled pranks. She got in trouble often, but she knew how to talk her way out of punishment. By the time she reached middle school she began to do what she called 'psychology experiments' where she would essentially decieve her peers and see how they react. Curious and inquisitive, she would often stir up trouble without meaning harm. 

As she entered high school her mother fell ill, suffering from intense late onset manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder. She had extreme mood swings, going from depressed to maniac within hour spans. Kendall spent a lot of time trying to help her mother and going to the hospital order to get her mother help. Kendall quit dance and gymnastics, and her grades dropped but she was given perspective. After six months, Kendall's mother committed suicide and Kendall was left with only her dad. 

From there she was moved to live with her uncle in town, her father's brother. Her father would spend the nights there, but during the afternoon it was just Kendall and her uncle. She never talks about what her life is like living there and seems uncomfortable at the mention of her relationship with him.  

Now to avenge her mother and help others, Kendall volunteers at old folk's homes: working with patients with severe mental and psychological disorders. 

The Explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs 

The night of the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs Kendall was doing her usual nightly acitivites: volunteering. She was playing cards with an old schizophrenic man. At least she was trying to, his audtory and visual hallucinations were very strong that night and she couldn't do much to help him, except try to distract him. When the explosion happened, Kendall noticed the sound immidately, turning to look out the widnow her protective instincts kicked in and she grabbed the older gentleman, pulling him down beneath the table and helping him brace for impact. The radius passed over them forcefully due to their close promitity. 

As the wave passed over, for a second Kendall got a glimpse of the schizophrenic's hallucinations through a sort of emapthetic link. Then the two of them both when into cardiac arrest. He died, but she survived. Waking up from a coma a few months later.

Time as a villain

As time progressed Kendall began to notice a strange powder forming on her skin. It was a sort of iridesent sparkling dust that when inhaled by other humans causes extreme hallucination that are empathtetically linked to Kendall. So she can control the emotion associated with them. She'd take advantage of her newfound powers; beginning with practicing. She'd go out into the street, blow thehallucogenic dust into a passerby's face then watch how they react. From there she would practice projecting a series of feelings: rage, sorrow, euphoria, etc. and see how they relfect in the person's expressions. Over time she could not only control the mood of the hallucinations but sometimes the subject.  

Of course, it was very hard to track this back to her because by the time the victims' 'trip' ended the person was left on the ground and Kendall was long gone. As far as people could tell, the chemical in the bloodstream was similar in composition to d-lysergic acid diethylamide aka LSD. 

Barry managed to track her down and the two fought. But as soon as he even got close to her she'd just throw the dust in his face and he'd start to hallucinate. Since he is mostly immune to the effects, she had to use quite a bit. She altered the hallucinations to be volatile and filled with rage and sorrow. Barry saw Iris being taken, Joe being killed and Caitlyn and Cisco shunning him. During this 'trip' Barry called Cisco's name and Kendall wrote it down on a scrap of paper tucking it in her pocket. She then hit Barry over the head with a metal pipe and took him into a nearby wear house where she proceed to cut the sleeves off his suit and use then to tie him to the metal framework. She took of his mask and took a picture of his face with her phone, saving it to the cloud. As he came back to concious she interrogated him, not being forceful, but being curious.  He didn't give her any answers but she didn't need them, she had the upper hand. She then gave him a euphoric hallucination and untied him, said 'Sweet Dreams' and left without him realizing. 

Barry was only able to aprehend her when he wore a gas-mask designed by Cisco. After she promised to never do anything evil again and explain to him that she didn't realize the full effects of her powers he naively let her go. 

Time as a hero

A few weeks later Barry went to S.T.A.R. Labs to find Kendall sitting on one of the tables with Caitlyn and Cisco casually buzzing around the room as if the didn't know or care that she was there. When Barry freaked out, asking her Kendall why and how she found them. She responded nonchalantly, "Google."

Caitlyn and Cisco then explained that she had come to S.T.A.R. Labs, told them she was metahuman and asked for their help. Now they were examining her powers. Cicso gave her the nickname 'Dust' but she countered it by naming herself 'Fantasia' and the name stuck. 

After a while Barry began to trust her and she would occasionally help the team when they needed it. But she'd mostly lay low and try not to cause too much trouble. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Mental Hallucination, also called Delusion Inducing or the Psychedelic Effect is a faculty of Illusion in which one can induce psychedelic hallucinations in subjects at will. This ability psychically causes the subject's imagination to overact, resulting in paranoia and delirium. This ability may even cause the foe to feel as though only experiencing that which is pleasurable to him instead of what’s actually happening (called the Rose-Colored Glasses Effect) or the like. This ability has no need for the user's imagination; the subject's mind does all of the work (and has a compelling sense of the hallucination’s reality).
  • Mirage Inducing is a version of Illusion (a mix of Summoning or limited Reality Warping and Illusion) in which the user can generate illusions which last, and are entirely real feeling to those experiencing them. Then the illusions will wear off, entirely.
  • Illusive Appearance: Most users who are not exactly combat savvy would use their ability as a defense mechanism to camouflage themselves, and even alter their physical appearance to look like someone or something else.
  • Phobia Exploitation: Targets experience their worst fears.

Kendall final design

  •  Gymnastics: Kendall is a skilled gymnast. She is extrmely agile and this inturn causes her to be a good evasive style fighter. She is also skilled in parkour because of this and has lots of core and grip strength. 
  • Manipulation: Kendall is good at finding people's weaknesses and exploiting them. 


  • Lack of control: Kendall can cause unwanted hallucinations to those in proximity. Because they are induced by the powder on her skin, anyone who gets close enough may accidentally inhale the powder. In addition, if Kendall's mood were to suddenly change, effected by some exterior factor, the opposite mood intended could cause the hallucinations to change. For example if she were trying to help someone by giving them plesant hallucinations, and she were to suddenly be alerted of danger those hallucinations would turn to those of fear. 
  • No trusting allies: Because Kendall is so inconsistently allied, those on either side: good or evil, do not trust her entirely. Others are wary that she may betray or decive them so in the end she has no true allies to depend on. 


  • Gloves- After she helps out Barry, Cisco naively designs and makes Kendall a pair of gloves with built in fans. These allow her to direct and project her 'dust' without throwing it. 
  • Suit- Comprised of an all white material, her suit is rudimentary and thrown together. White ripped jeans, a vest hoodie, gloves, boots and tank top. 
  • Mask- During Kendall's time  as a hero Barry, Cisco and Kendall all collaborated in an effort to ceate a mask for Kendall. It resembles a Venetian masquerade mask, but is made from an all white compressible micro fabric. Of course, Kendall adorned it with glitter. 


  • Kendall does not use a voice filter, instead she induces an auditory hallucination that makes her voice sound more feminine, lighter, raspier and has the effect of someone speaking underwater. Sometimes it echoes softly.