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John Diggle

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Green Arrow (John Diggle)


Biological Information
Status Alive
General Information
Occupation Vigilante (in secret)
Leader of Team Arrow (in secret; out of action)
Ally of Team Flash (in secret)
Soldier (formerly)
Bodyguard (formerly)
Member of Suicide Squad (formerly)
Family Lyla Michaels (wife)
Sara Diggle (daughter; pre-flashpoint)
John Diggle, Jr. (son; post-flashpoint)
Andy Diggle (brother; deceased)
A.J. Diggle (nephew)
Unnamed (cousin)
Alter ego Green Arrow
Spartan (formerly)
Code name Freelancer
Actor David Ramsey

John Andrew "Dig" Diggle (born in 1977), "Johnny" to Lyla, is one of the main characters in the TV series Arrow. He is a bodyguard, ex-soldier and a member of Oliver's vigilante team. He is the older brother of the late Andy Diggle, who was murdered by Deadshot, the former brother-in-law and ex-boyfriend of Carly Diggle, the uncle of A.J. Diggle, the bodyguard, best friend, chauffeur, partner, and a good friend of Oliver Queen, a good friend of Felicity Smoak, and Sara Lance, and the ex-husband and current boyfriend of Lyla Michaels.

As a member of Oliver's team. John is his partner and plays a number of roles including field support, decoy and guidance to Oliver in times of doubt. John has a deep hatred for Floyd Lawton for killing his brother Andy and is also in a mission to find him and kill him, though he later became his uneasy comrade as members of A.R.G.U.S.'s Suicide Squad. John was known in the squad under the code-name Freelancer. When Curtis Holt accompanied them to rescue Ray Palmer, he was given the designation Spartan by Felicity.