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Eddie Thawne
640px-Eddie Thawne-1-
Biological Information
Status Deceased
General Information
Occupation Police detective (formerly)
Member of Team Flash (in secret; formerly)
Family Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)
Agnes (grandmother)
Eobard Thawne (future descendant)
Iris West (former fiancé)
Actor Rick Cosnett

Detective Eddie Thawne (died May 19, 2015) was a police detective of the Central City Police Department, formerly of the Keystone City Police Department, the partner of Joe West, the boyfriend of Iris West and the good friend of Barry Allen. He was also one of the only two police officers in the CCPD that know of the existence of meta-humans and learned of Barry's secret identity as the Flash. Eddie is revealed to be Eobard Thawne's ancestor. Eddie dies by sacrificing himself to prevent Eobard from existing, saving his friends' lives and preventing him from committing any further harm to Central City and time itself.