Diane Katherine Degeneret

Dk 2


Biological Information
Status Deceased
General Information
Occupation Scientist studying radioactive decay at Pulson Labs
Vigilante (in secret)
Member of Team Flash (in secret)
Family Martha Degeneret (mother)
James Degeneret (father)
Jennifer Degeneret (sister)
Alter ego Decay
Actor Gemma Arterton

Dr. Diane Katherine Degeneret (born December 4, 1988) is a scientist studying radioactive decay at Pulson Labs. She appeared to be unaffected to the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs but instead had her DNA transformed in a way that laid dormant until she came in proximity with another metahuman; Barry Allen. She takes on the also ego of Decay due to her ability to control radiation.


Diane is simple looking, chestnut brown hair, a spatter of freckles across the bridge of her nose, simple brown eyes and thick rimmed black glasses.


Diane is kind and compassionate. She cares for other people that she’s close to and has a strong sense of duty, but she is not a hero. She has no motivation to put her life on the line for others, unless she is guaranteed success. She is too statistically and logically oriented. She’ll have to weigh her odds of survival and success. She has no intention of being against heroism but she has no inclination to actually be a her in the moment; in retrospect she yearns to be like Barry.  She wishes she was righteous and courageous, but its against her analytical nature.

But overall she’s good person, working behind the scenes to do what is right. She is extremely dedicated to her work and to helping Team Flash and she is very nurturing and encouraging towards Cisco and Caitlyn. She is focused on strategy and reasoning. 

Obviously Diane is very intelligent, and she often coming up with clever solutions to problems. However she’s not like Cisco and Caitlyn in that she cannot to mathematical solutions in minutes but she can often make connections and figure out the source of problems quickly. This makes her prone to jump to conclusions, but her conclusions are hardly ever false. 


Early life

Diane was born to a real-estate agent and a Major League Baseball drafter for the New York Yankees.

Dr. Diane Katherine Degeneret works at Pulson Labs in Central City. Pulson labs is nothing like Star Labs, it's simple boring and exactly how you'd expect a place where they study radioactive decay to look: medical. The biggest source of excitement there is when someone makes a scientific discovery, not when they accidentally turn the city into superhumans. Diane's life is relatively boring, she studies radioactive decay and works with her two assistants; 'Creep Crazy Carl' who has a huge crush on her and Rodrick, a Russian scientist who met Diane on an online science conference then decided to join her in America for her study.

The Explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs 

Diane was working the night of the explosion at Star Labs. The blast hit her, but all it did was knock her to the ground after that nothing else really happened and she continued her life as normal. Until the day that she made a new machine that could allow scientists to watch radioactive decay happen in a sort of time lapse. People were invited to watch and one of those people just so happened to be Barry Allen. Sure, the crowd wasn't huge, only an assortment of around fifteen stranger and a couple co-workers but it was still a big deal for Diane. Just as she was about to activate the machine, her adrenaline rushing, she looked into the crowd, her eyes meeting with Barry's and he stepped forward. Something in her DNA, dormant from the star labs explosion was now activated by The Flash's proximity. The machine detected this activation and glitched, when Diane went to turn it on, the machine malfunctioned, causing the barrier that divides the radioactive material from the lab to break. Diane panicked, but followed protocol, she slammed the emergency button, sealing herself off from the audience and in turn sealing the audience from the radioactive material. But as a result Diane was exposed to extreme radiation, what should have killed her in seconds. The lab was evacuated, but one person couldn't just let her die in there, The Flash had to be the hero. Her broke his way into the lab, rushed in grabbing Diane and leaving immediately after, fast enough to keep him from being harmed. He took her to the hospital where she was tended to but remained unconscious for days. Barry would constantly check up on her, not knowing why, he'd dropped plenty of people off at the hospital and didn't know what was different about her. Part of him realized he was the first domino ticked down that caused this. After a couple days Diane's DNA began to show signs of the transformation, her body would go into cardiac arrest and objects would shatter. Her veins would pulse a fiery red orange and she'd have a seizure. Barry witnessed one of these episodes and recognized what was happening. When Diane woke up, well, she vomited quite a bit then began to talk with Barry. He couldn't tell what her powers were but he knew for sure she was a metahuman and he had caused her to transform.

Time as a hero

Diane spent a lot of time in the hospital, recovering. She was visited by Barry Allen often, the two bonded through science and a similar sense of humor and grew to be friends. He kept an eye on her making sure she was safe. After about two weeks of her being conscious her seizures began to grow more frequent but sporadic, and when the nurses came to help they would fall: dizzy and nauseous. However, the strange aura emitted from Diane during the seizures had the opposite effect on Barry, giving him a sort of adrenaline like rush. He also noticed as Diane was suffering from the seizure red glowing embers flickered under her skin, resemblant of patterns like burn edges of paper. As if something beneath her skin was being charred and then reforming. After further testing at Star Labs it was discovered that Diane was, in fact, radioactive. Under moment of high pressure, pain or emotion she would emit extreme radiation causing targets to crumble and decay, also causing life threatening radiation sickness and poisoning to humans nearby. However, because Barry Allen had been introduced to this radioactivity in small increments his superhuman DNA was able to grow not only immune to the downsides but use the radiation as a sort of charge. Being in proximity to The Flash when using his abilities had the same effect on Diane, they were each other personal redbulls.

Diane's Death

Diane didn't spend a lot of time being a hero, only when it was necessary, taking down a villain that Barry couldn't face on his own. Diane didn't like to use her powers since she didn't have much control. In the meantime she spent a lot of time at Star Labs and bonded with Cisco, who tried to name her "Rad" but she gave herself her own superhero name, Her initials, "D.K." for Diane Katherine, pronounced like, "Decay" as in radioactive decay referring both to what she studies and what she is able to do. She spent lots of time with Barry, nerding out and wingmaning him with Iris, they often danced together like idiots to a playlist she made with songs like "Grease Lightning" just for the irony.

But good things don't last and after a few months of personal peace Diane began to face a new problem similar to, but much worse than the seizures. Every once in a while she'd feel faint and collapse, as she did so her body would produce a radioactive explosion. Over time, these grew more, frequent and stronger. She became a danger to the city and Barry decided to rent a small house with her out in the middle of nowhere, but they both knew what was coming. Every time, the explosion would get larger and it would wreak havoc on Diane physically but she could heal. However, as the explosions got worse, she grew weaker her body beginning to decay with the radiation growing to strong. The final explosion stretched four miles and Barry barely out ran it. He came back to find Diane's body reduces to ashes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Induced Radioactivity- with the right emotional state Diane can cuase her self to radiate at leathal levels to humans in a nearby vicinity
  • Nuclear Decay Manipulation- If Diane can direct the energy correctly she can cause livign things to decay, essentially melting cells fromt he inside out. 
  • Radioactivity Manipulation- She can abosorb as weel as infuse objects with radioactivitity. 
  • Radiokinesis- Can emit pulses, explosions, and pathed waves of high level radiation.


  • High level intellect- Diane is extremely inteeligent, she has a IQ of 168 and is the most valuable and famed scientist at Pulson Labs.
  • Eidetic memory- Diane can remeber sequences of numbers exactly without trying


  • Power Capacity Limit- Diane’s ability to absorb radioactivity both voluntarily and involuntarily, leads her to take in more radioactivity that her body can harness. She has limited invulnerability to radioactivity but there is a maximum capacity that can be reached. If this capacity is reached her body will release a nuclear explosion. As her abilities progress, she begins to absorb more radioactivity and these explosions become more frequent, unpredictable, and volatile to those in the surrounding radius.
  • Cold temperatures- Like Barry, Diane is susceptible to low temperatures. They slow down her ability to generate heat and in turn reduce her radioactive powers. Intense cooling can cause her abilities to be stunted, as well as the normal effect of cold temperatures on humans.
  • Lack of control- Diane’s power’s are unpredictable and volatile. Because of the fact that Diane’s powers are very dangerous, it’s hard to study. The Team’s inability to study Diane’s abilities without putting surrounding people at risk, she does not know how to control her powers. In turn, her powers can be dangerous to both herself and those around her.
  • No fighting skills- Aside from minor instinctual training from her time playing sports and a few kick boxing classes, Diane is not trained in combat. She refrains from taking on enemies unless she can use her powers against them.


  • SpeedCycle x323: A motorcycle designed for Diane by Cisco, it is extremely aerodynamic, hand lock in footholds and can reach speeds of up to 400 mph. She uses it to meet The Flash at crime scenes so that he doesn’t always leave her behind.
  • Target gloves: Also designed by Cisco, these allow Diane to direct the radioactive pulse she can emit from her hands.
  • Decay Costume: Like Barry’s, Diane’s suit is made from a reinforced tri-polymer, that allows her to be carried by Barry at his top speed or ride her SpeedCycle without spontaneously catching fire.
  • Decay Glasses: Instead of wearing a mask Diane wears dimmed glasses, that not only conceal her identity but also have multiple modes that can be enabled such as night vision, heat vision, radioactivity and motion detector.


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  • Diane's ancestors are originally from from hence her having a French last name, pronounced 'Deej-shen-ray'