Wally and I loved each other very much much. He called me his litte spitefire after all. But we fought  a lot and when my sister disappeard it was too much. We ended it and it broke my heart but Wally moved on to Linda. That's when I decided, I could never truley be Artemis. I was Tigress and I would always be.

'Artemis to Barry Allen

Evan rachel wood

Artemis Crock






college student



  •  Lawerence Crock(father)
  • Paula Brooks(mother)
  • Jade Brooks(sister)




Swords, bow and arrows, knives




Wally West( previous)

Cameron Mahkent( on and off)


League of Shadows


Starling City( changes)

Artemis Crock is the daughter of Lawerence "Crusher" Crock or Sportsmaster and Paula Brooks who was previously called Huntress until she was paralyzed with her legs down. At the age of fifteen she became the assassin Tigress. However she met Wally West nephew of Barry Allen and quit the gig. She and Wally didn't last long though durin this time she became the arrow bearing vigilante Artemis. However after breaking up with Wally she went back to being Tigress.

Early life

Since birth Artemis moved around a lot. Her older sister Jade didn't enjoy this because she lost friends and boyfriends but Artemis didn't mind as much. At the age of ten her father bagn to rain her giving her weapons and making her kill people or beat them up. Artemis didn't enjoy this very much but went a long with it because she didn't want to face the wrath of her father. However as she went into her preteen and teenage years she became more defiant especially when her mother was crippled and sent to prison when she 10. Her older siser Jade hated to stay with their father and constantly threatened to leave. Their father then decided it was time for them to move again and placed them in Central.This is where Artemis met Wally. They dated for a few months but were known to argue a lot. Finally Jade ran away and Artemis and Wally decided to end their relationship. Wally then began to date a girl on the schoool newspaper named Linda Park. Artemis then went back to being an assassin. 


During her teenaged years, Artemis's personality was a product of her unusual upbringing. In the kill-or-be-killed culture in which her parents raised her, Artemis had to constantly fight for her life, resulting in her considerably aggressive nature and willingness to solve problems with force. She was also protective of her secrets, and constantly lied to her friends out of fear of being discovered as the child of villains.For the most part, Artemis is a very passionate and opinionated girl. Always ready with a witty and biting remark, she is intent on proving herself to anyone who questions her. Artemis conceals her defensive nature with an aggressive attitude, exhibiting a wild temperament that is apparent when people argue or belittle her. She readily involves herself in confrontations with little to no hesitance.

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She has been trained by her father,making her an impressive archer , martial artist and 

  • Above-average human conditioning: Having undergone an evidently vigorous and intensive training regimen, Artemis has demonstrated impressive physical feats for a human of her age and size.[7]
    • Speed: Artemis is shown to be able to run at above-average speed for someone her age in combat situations.
    • Endurance: Artemis appears able to maintain her stamina during long combative situations.
    • Agility: Artemis has proven to be at a high level of human agility, able to move, dodge and react to dangers with impressive agility.
    • Strength: Artemis's physical strength is above most young women her age, as she is able to strike out full grown adults with a single blow and hold up people who are considerably heavier than her. She is capable of pressing her entire body weight. She can also do front flips holding all her weight on one arm. She has the strength of someone who engages in intensive exercise.
  • Marksmanship: Artemis is an impressive marksman, able to hit different targets with assorted projectiles with ease and accuracy. She prefers using archery based weapons such as a compound bow or a crossbow. She has mastered the longbow, the crossbow and a myriad of trick arrows. She can also shoot 2-3 arrows at a time and have them all hit their mark simultaneously. Her skills are such that she is able to hit targets inches in size meters away. However she is not as skilled as 
  • Ambidexterity: Artemis is shown to be ambidextrous, as she draws her bow with her left and right hand. She also is able to fight with ither hand while using a sword.
  • Tracking: Artemis is capable of hunting down opponents who attempt to evade capture.
  • Acrobatics: Artemis is proficient in basic acrobatics
  • Martial Artist: Artemis is a skilled martial artist. She is able to take out multiple attackers with relative ease.
  • Above average intellect: Her intelligence is above average. She is able to understand complex scientific terms Barry Allen uses. She was also given a scholarship to Gotham Academey when she was younger however she did not take it.
  • Multilingualism: Artemis can speak fluently in English, and Vietnamese 


  • Bow: Like Oliver Queen Artemis uses a bow. Her bow however if a compact bow. She sometimes uses the bow to strike oppnents if she unable to shoot an arrow. She sometimes brings the bow along however she mainly usess swords. 
  • Arrows: Artemis carries orange/brown arrows for her bow. She stores them in her quiver in she uses them. They are trick arrows that have different abilties.
  • Blowpipe: A blowpipe with sedative darts.
  • Bolas: Weighted balls connected by a rope, meant to entangle people. She only has this if she thinks she needs this
  • Darts: Coated with a drug invented by Artemis's father Sportsmaster which causes catatonia for weeks.
  • Explosive Pellets: Explodes on impact.
  • Smoke bomb: A bomb filled with smoke that enables her to get away, quickly and stealthily.
  • Sword: Stored in the sheath, which Tigress carries on her back She has two of them.